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A Mi Burro Unit 1: Parts of the Body for Spanish Preschool

A Mi Burro Unit 1: Parts of the Body for Spanish Preschool

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each your preschool and early elementary Spanish learners about parts of the body (el cuerpo) and the five senses (los cinco sentidos) with this comprehensible Spanish unit!

This is part of my popular PreK-Early Elementary Spanish Curriculum. See an outline of my curriculum or download a sample mini-unit.


 A Mi Burro Unit 1 draws from the authentic Spanish song to teach:

  • Parts of the Face & The Five Senses
  • Parts of Body
  • Saying When Something Hurts & Going to the Doctor

You'll get lesson outlines, ideas, visuals, and printables for providing rich language in context to young Spanish learners. Here's what's included in your purchase:

  • A Teacher's Guide with Lesson Outlines and Suggestions
  • 4 Mini-Books with QR Codes that link to audio (narrated by a native speaker)
  • 50+ Pages of Printables
  • 5 Videos with Comprehensible Stories (available as PDF Presentations with for the teacher to narrate)
  • 1 Unit Vocabulary Video
  • Set of Boom Cards
  • QR Codes for Easy Parent Access to Videos and Audio Content
  • 1 Google Drive Link to Suggested Songs

 My preschool series are designed to provide a hands-on, movement-rich, and story-based experience that emphasizes language in context. They are adaptable for classes, small groups, and homeschoolers, and are easily adaptable for distance learning as well!

**I estimate that this unit will last 3+ months, for PreK classes meeting 1-2x per week for 30 minutes. Obviously, this will vary depending on how often you meet and for how long!



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